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Success Tricks Campus Education has been producing excellent results in various competitive examinations. Year after year, Success Tricks Campus Education’s students by burning the midnight oil are securing top ranks in various competitive examinations, which speak volumes about its commitment to excellence and perfection in imparting quality education.

Quality education is impossible without innovative technology because traditional methods are cumbersome & slow and the new generation requires high speed and wants to go beyond imagination, that can be achieved only through latest technology and hard effort under proper guidance. In this competitive era you must chalk-out your strategy to build up your career well in advance because, analytical approach and constant research on emerging trends is a must for definitive success, which is possible only at Success Tricks Campus Education. For us, Education is a mission. Our mission is to make quality education accessible globally with ease to upgrade the knowledge machine of the universe and to ignite the passion for education in the younger generation to redefine the term success. There cannot be any substitute of yeoman's service towards a definite goal.
Feeding Techniques & The Art of Pedagogy
The continuously evolving teaching techniques developed & innovated for aspirants by our highly dedicated, devoted & experienced team is based on the need of each & every student & designed on the theme that- when students can remember the songs or story of a film by watching it for three hours, then why can’t they remember the subject they learn continuously for years together ?

Success Tricks Campus paves the path to success with its unique solution.
Interaction Hours & Mind Room Grooming
This group discussion is one of the ways of feeding the knowledge to the younger brains. The" Interaction hour” program is for the instant solution of students’ doubts.

Success Tricks Campus provides umpteen interactive sessions.
Interactive Analysis & Tracing Out The Achilles Heel
Mind boggling comments by experts, on the weak areas of the students after visualizing their performance. This program forewarns the students and rededicates them to workout the weak areas.

Success Tricks Campus makes you more confident by tracing out your very own forte.
Team of Dedication & Their Vision
The determined and dedicated team is devoted to smoothen the path of success for students to follow. The cultured and courageous team of laureates is all set to put the brains on the track of success.

Success Tricks Campus believes in its vision par excellence.
Functioning & The MQ Factor
The functioning of Success Tricks Campus is based on 'Giving right concept, providing highly competitive environment and giving continuous motivation to the students.' We have got Structured modules on ‘Time Management’, ‘Motivation and Determination’ and ‘Psychology of Competitions'.

Success Tricks Campus makes you what you dream in your innate soul.

“The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes; the difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
Introduction Class & Parent Awareness Program
An Introduction session is held before the commencement of normal classes such that the students and the Guardians understand their individual roles…We sincerely believe that the parents also need to play a paramount role over here…They need to motivate their wards in times of adversity and play the role of a mentor. We discuss our vision and what actually needs to be done.
Study Material Wise Class Routine
The study material of st has a cardinal role to play and our Course Coordinators along with the Branch In charge discusses the total break up alongside discussing the syllabi of different examinations in the first session itself…All the study materials are handed over to the students before the commencement of the course itself and they have to adhere to that material to a tee…Whatever is there in the study material will be discussed in details by the concerned faculty.
Doubt Clearing Class Routine
Even after attending the regular class if a student has some problem in grasping a particular topic , we are there to help him/her out by providing Doubt Clearing Session. A doubt Clearing session is an add on which we give to our students so that they don’t lag behind in any particular topic or chapter. This is especially beneficial for those who are weak in a particular subject.
Home Work Copy
Along with the Study Materials a student is handed over an added responsibility of solving the Home Work Exercises which has to be submitted by each and every single student before the commencement of a particular class. The Exercises will be properly evaluated by our expert team of pedagogues. Wherever a student makes a mistake a note is written down and this helps the candidate to judge his/her conception over a particular subject or topic.
Class Test
A fifteen minutes class test precedes the Lecture and this is another tool by which a candidate can understand his/her Achilles-heel if there is any…The answers will be discussed in the class itself by the concerned faculty and the Class test is a systematic approach wherein a student can keep a track of his progress graph…Class test marks are displayed on the General Display Board which in fact motivates a student to perform better.
Monthly Exam
Monthly Exam is very important as this is held after completion of a particular Study Material. The monthly exam is a tool to understand how much a student has burnt the midnight oil in the preceding month…
Mock Test
Mock tests are held almost every week and these tests are patterned on an ensuing examination. A student will be able to understand the pattern of questions for a particular examination and he/she will be able to focus on those topics which are of utmost importance.
Mission 100
Mission 100 is another feather in the cap for Success Tricks Campus wherein a student can sit for tests every single day. 100 questions will be there in each set and so in a month if a candidate is taking 25 Mission 100’s ,he/she is attempting 2500 questions!!! In six months this adds up to 15,000 questions !!!!
Residential Camp
Every single student is provided with the opportunity to attend Residential Camps...Camp offers a place of experiential and contextual learning ...
  • They Learn to Work Together...

  • They Learn to Appreciate the Small Things...

  • They Learn New Skills...

  • They Learn How to Make Choices...

And one of the benefits of exposing your ward to an overnight camp experience is that when he returns home, you may notice that he tackles some of his daily chores and responsibilities without your constantly having to remind him....
Online Preparation
Success Tricks Campus also helps with Online Preparation for different examinations... Online training is designed and developed to overcome this challenge and allows the learner to revisit the training when needed...In fact one of the top advantages is that you can have a large audience and better training effectiveness as compared to a large classroom audience....Assignments, assessments and evaluation! Online training leverages the latest technology to assess learners and provides trainers with customized reports....Assessments can be made more interactive, real life scenarios can be used to engage learners and even basic multiple-choice questions can be randomized to avoid dishonesty....Learners have the advantage of receiving feedback instantly or at the end of the test...
If you feel that you require assistance in Competitive domain then evaluate the Coaching Institute on following parameters :
  1. Uniqueness in their study material: Study material provided by the coaching institutes is of little assistance if they are compact copy-paste or rewrite of materials taken from other books. If the reading of such material doesn’t increase interest and enjoyment then they are not worth. There are plenty of standard books on each subject by good authors, which can make your study enjoyable during preparation.

  2. Collection of quality books in their library: During the process of theory conceptualization and building application capabilities, you need good books, which can really put your brain on exercise.

  3. Flexibility in the Coaching Model: What happens when your pace of learning is much faster or slower than the average? Is there any mechanism by which the model can identify exactly where you need help and provide the same? Is it possible in that coaching model to minimize the wastage of your time?

  4. Quality of questions discussed: Number of questions discussed is not that important. By discussing and solving 10-15 conceptual questions on each topic you can build a good application capability. On the other hand solving many tricky non-conceptual questions will simply waste your time.

  5. Tests and evaluation model: How is the progress of your preparation tested and analyzed? To what extent the feedback helps in identifying the areas for further work?

  6. Once you are able to choose the correct assistance for your future career, it will be an enjoying and thrilling experience… Another very important aspect of your preparation will be the coaching institute, whose importance and selection procedure will be delved into Success Tricks Campus welcomes you to a new odyssey.
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